What is 6G technology?

What is 6G technology?

 Before you know what is 6G technology, let us tell you that the full form of 6G is 6 Generation Communication.  In fact, 6G has not yet materialized, but after the arrival of 5G, it is going to bring a revolutionary change in the field of technology.

 Currently, research work on 6G technology is going on at the University of Oulu in Finland.  Research related to wireless technology continues here.

 The specialty of 6G technology will be that it will be able to integrate different types of networks on its own.  Although this feature will be present in 5G technology also, but in 6G technology this thing will be done very easily by itself.

 The 6G network will be very different in the sense that it will be aware that it is being used.  Users will be able to use it properly on any special occasion.

 Also, the specialty of 6G network will be that it can rearrange its resources.  If it needs more resources, it will also inform about it, so that there is no hindrance in the work.

 An autonomous system will be developed for this by 6G network.  It will be able to learn on its own and make appropriate inferences.  Not only this, it will also be able to develop an effective plan.

 6G technology is actually being created by combining Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, which will be able to work autonomously.

Our preparation for 6G technology :

 6G technology will actually be terahertz based 6G wireless technology.  This will replace the 5G technology that is coming in the near future.  There is every possibility that this technology will become available for commercial use in the next decade.

 The work going on at the University of Oulu in Finland on the development of 6G technology is indicating that we are going to see a completely different form of wireless technology in the coming times.

 A plan to finance a research program spanning eight years was announced by the Academy of Finland in 2018.  This research program was to be run under the supervision of the Center for Wireless Communications.  Currently, under this program, a large number of researchers are working day and night to shape the 6G communication technology into a commercial form.

 Work on the initial development plan of 6G wireless technology has also started.  Work on new radio technology is also going on by the Center for Converged Terahertz Communications and Sensing (ComSenTer), through which the dream of 6G technology will come true.

 If this experiment is completely successful, then in the coming time we will be able to use 6G technology at the speed of 1000 gigabytes per second.

 Higher frequencies in the 100 GHz to 1 Terahertz range are known as Terahertz frequencies.

Importance of 6G technology :

 The importance of 6G technology is also because because of it, working in the digital world will become very easy.  Also, due to this, research and research work which till now was considered very complex can also be completed very easily.

 6G network is also important because after its arrival, it will also help a lot in space related discoveries.  The 6G network will be much stronger than all the networks before it.  Apart from this, a lot of diversity will also be seen in it.

 A mix of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be seen in it, along with this, Internet of Things (IoT) will be used in a better way.

 Apart from all this, 6G technology also has the ability to harmonize with many other types of advanced technologies.

Countries working on 6G technology :

 Work on 6G technology is currently going on in many countries of the world including India.  Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University is working on 6G technology.  In the same way, scientists of Japan’s Osaka University are also engaged in research on 6G technology.

 Last year, it was told by the scientists of these two universities that they have prepared a chip for terahertz waves, which can be used in 6G technology.

 Similarly, on November 6 last year, a satellite for 6G technology was successfully launched by China using a rocket.

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