What is Internet of Things?, features and benefits of IOT .

What is Internet of Things ?

 Many types of technologies and devices can be connected together through the Internet of Things.  The Internet of Things is a major breakthrough in the development of networking.  This technology is used to connect all the gadgets and electronic devices through the Internet.  With the help of this technology, all the smart devices connected send data to each other and can receive data from each other.  With the help of this technology, our lives will become very easy in the future.  With its help, you can link any device or appliance with the internet and get other devices to do any work as per your wish.  For example, if a person wants the AC of his room to be switched on before reaching home and as soon as he reaches home, he finds his room completely cold, then this can be done through Internet of Things.

Features of Internet of Things :

 Some of the most important features of the Internet of Things include artificial intelligence, connectivity, sensors, active engagement and use of small devices.

 Artificial Intelligence – Internet of Things makes things smarter.  It is associated with data collection, artificial intelligence, algorithms and the power of networks.

 Connectivity − The Internet of Things creates small networks between its system devices.

 Sensors – The Internet of Things loses its identity without sensors.  They serve as defining tools.

 Active Engagement – Most interactions with connected technology today happen through passive engagement.  The Internet of Things represents a new model for active content, product, or service interactions.  ,

Which devices can become part of the Internet of Things?

 Amazon Echo – Smart Home – Amazon Echo works through the voice assistant Alexa.  In this, users can get different tasks done.  Users can get Alexa to do many things like playing songs, giving weather information, telling sports scores, booking a taxi etc.

 Fitbit One-Variables – Fitbit One tracks how much you have walked, how many calories you have burned or how much you have slept, etc. Along with this, this device can be linked to your smart phone or computer and can also convert your fitness data into a chart.  gives.

 Barcelona-Smart City- This Spanish city comes first in smart city.  Many Internet of Things schemes have been implemented here.  This has helped in smart parking and keeping the environment clean.

 Astrum AL 150 Lock – Security – In these Bluetooth based locks you do not need a key or any combo lock.  This lock supports Android and IOS devices.  You can easily connect it with other gadgets present in the house.

Why do the Internet of Things?

 Some points of why Internet of things should be done are mentioned below-

 Provides best feedback for your physical and mental health.

 Provides the best possible resource allocation in real-time monitoring.

 Provides best possible decision making in mobility patterns.

 Along with this, it provides the best possible connection to local providers.

Benefits of Internet of Things :

 The Internet of Things provides us with such opportunities that we can work more efficiently, thereby saving our time and money, while also making our work easier.  The Internet of Things helps us solve everyday problems – like finding a parking space for our car in a parking area, linking our home entertainment system and checking whether we need more milk from the fridge’s webcam.  Playing songs through Alexa.

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