What is hotspot? and How does WiFi it work?

What is hotspot?

 A hotspot is a wireless access point (WAP) that allows you to connect a mobile tablet computer device to the Internet, for this reason it is also called a wifi hot spot.

 WIFI Hotspot is inbuilt with the mobile and you can also buy it separately as a device.

 Due to which you get better internet speed. Hotspot facility is also available in many restaurants, offices, railway stations etc.

 The speed of WiFi hotspot can range from 1 Mbps to 1000 Mbps but the data is limited, it depends on the validity and plan of the data pack.

How does WiFi hotspot work?

 A Wi-Fi hotspot provides Internet access through a cellular provider using wireless data to your mobile computer, tablet, and other Wi-Fi devices.

 WiFi hotspot in mobile provides internet using 4G connection of the mobile whose speed ranges from 30 to 40 Mbps.

Does WiFi hotspot work without network service?

 Hotspot does not work without cellular service. Hotspot requires your internet or say your 4G connection to work.

Let us know how to turn on hotspot in mobile or smartphone?

 How to turn on hotspot in apple phone

 First go to Settings of Apple mobile

 Go to Personal Hotspot or Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot

 Tap Personal Hotspot

Switch on and activate so people can connect to the hotspot

 How to turn on hotspot in android phone

 First go to Settings

 Select the Hotspot or Tethering option

 tap hotspot

Turn on WiFi in the other mobile laptop or desktop to connect to the hotspot and from the list of WiFi, select the hotspot you want to connect to or the name of the hotspot of the device from which the internet can be accessed.

 Types of Hotspot :

 There are many types of WiFi hotspots.

1. cell phone hotspot :

 Phone hotspot is the easiest and cheapest hotspot that you can use. It is built-in with the smartphone and you can use it with a single tap on the smartphone.

 Phone hotspot has a limit on Wi-Fi device connections which ranges from 10 to 15 devices.

2. mobile hotspot :

 A mobile hotspot is a dedicated device that provides a hotspot connection. It is costlier than a cell phone hotspot and allows more devices to be connected and provides faster speeds.

 Mobile hotspots run on 4G connections that provide speeds of up to 30Mbps.

 3. 5G hotspot :

 5g hotspot is a mobile hotspot that works on 5g wireless network. 5g devices are less in the market and it is more powerful than 4g.

 5G hotspots can provide speeds up to 1000 Mbps and can connect more devices and are Wi-Fi 6 capable, which is the latest Wi-Fi technology.

 It is not necessary to have a 5G mobile hotspot. If you want, you can get great performance from a 4G hotspot also. 5G can be used for high bandwidth activity.

 4. public hotspot :

 Public WiFi As the name suggests, this WiFi is mostly free to use, such as shops, hotels, libraries, railways and many other stores provide it, at some places you have to pay for public WiFi.

 Public Wi-Fi being free can also be dangerous because we do not know who else is connected to that network and what is their intention. Never open the details of your bank account and other sites using public Wi-Fi.  If you have sensitive data, you should avoid opening it using public Wi-Fi.

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