What is Hub?

What is Hub?

 Friends, you know that network connection can be divided into many computers but for this a platform is required and which is called Hub.  Hub is a device with the help of which many devices can be connected.  A maximum number of ports are available in a Hub.  When any data reaches the Hub through any one port, then the Hub sends that data to all the connected devices (computer or electronic device).  It is mostly used in LAN and is a kind of ethernet based device.  This can be called a good and best option especially for network sharing.  Its cost is minimal compared to many network devices.

How many types of Hub are there?

 Hubs are mainly of three types, let us know in detail-

 1. Passive Hub-

 Passive Hub: This is a normal network hub in a way and here it uses only electronic signals to share the data, that is, the data is received in the same condition.  In that case it sends ahead without refreshing.  Its special feature is that it does not require power supply.  Here something like repeater can also be used.

 2. Active Hub-

 Hubs of this type have their own power supply.  These are also called multiport repeaters and can also boost the maximum media distance on a network.  It can also be used as a connector to monitor data.  Active Hub has the ability to automatically clean and boost the signal coming from any network.

 3. Intelligent Hub-

 Intelligence Hub works exactly like Intelligent.  Here it is much more powerful than active hub and passive hub, meaning the tasks which active and passive hubs cannot do can be done very simply here.  It has many features like network management, switching, routing etc.  Especially a better software is used in this.  With the help of an intelligence hub, the actual location of the problem can be identified, that is, once the problem is known, it becomes easier to eliminate it.

What are the features of Hub?

 The following information is given about some of the main features of Hub-

 • Hubs are available in approximately 4 to 12 port sizes.

 • Hub has broadcast like feature.  Meaning, it sends data to all the devices that are connected.

 • Hub can be used only on local network.

 • Two devices in the Hub cannot send data simultaneously, if they send data simultaneously then the data will be destroyed.

 • The working method of Hub is based on the physical layer of the OSI model.

 • Hub is a non-intelligent device.

 • Hub can be used only in small networks.

What are the benefits of Hub?

 Some of the benefits of Hub are shown below-

 • Hub is capable of supporting different types of network media.

 • Their cost is very low.

 • Use of Hub does not cause any problem in network performance.

 • There is no problem in installing them.

 • It is very easy to create a small network with the help of Hub.

What are the disadvantages of Hub?

 Friends, now we know some information about the damage caused by Hub-

 • It is impossible to create a virtual LAN using Hub.

 • There is no facility to filter data in it.

 • Does not work here in full duplex mode.

 • Which is network hub traffic.  Is not able to reduce it.

 • Hub sends data to every connected device, which increases traffic significantly.

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