What is VPN? and how does it work :

What is VPN?

 VPN is a network technology through which you can convert any unsecured network into a secured network.  Simply put, VPN is a very good medium to keep any of your networks (be it private or public network) secure so that your personal data can be protected from hackers.

 For example, you might have seen that there are many websites which are banned by the government or institution.  In such a situation, if you want to visit that website.  So for this we will have to use VPN technology.  People who use this technology, both their location and identity remain hidden and neither can anyone hack their data.

 This type of technology is mostly used in places like businessmen doing online business, big educational institutions, hospitals and corporates because here the possibility of data theft is highest, hence VPN is used to secure your data.  Is.

vpn full form :

 The full name of VPN is “Virtual Private Network”.

How does VPN work?

 The main function of VPN is to keep your connection or whatever work you are doing on the Internet secure.  Apart from this, its biggest advantage is that there are many such websites in our country which you are restricted from visiting.  In such a situation, you will be able to access that website by using VPN.

 If you understand in simple words, there are many such websites which do not have permission to visit, in such a situation you can reach there through VPN and you will be able to see whatever things are there.

 When we connect our device like mobile, laptop with VPN, then your device starts working like a local network and as soon as you browse any restricted website from your mobile, then VPN starts working.  And you are able to visit that restricted website.

 Let us now explain to you how it works.  For example, suppose a user wants to visit a website blocked in his country.  So there the user’s request is sent to the server of that restricted website through VPN.  And then from there all the information and content of the website is displayed on the user’s device.

How to set up VPN in mobile?

 Most of the people use mobile phones, in such a situation we will tell you how to set up VPN technology in this smartphone, detailed information about it is given below.

 First of all, open Playstore (Android) or AppStore (iOS) in your mobile and download any VPN App from there.

 Like you have downloaded a VPN App named Windscribe.

 After this you install it and open it.

 After this you select your favorite location.

 After this you click on Connect

 After which the VPN network will be activated in your mobile.

 Now you can enjoy VPN.

Benefits of using VPN :

 Many times you have to search anything on the Internet through WiFi, but you know that many people do fraudulent activities on the Internet. In such a situation, you should browse securely. For this, VPN technology is useful.

 Through this you are provided online security.

 Using this you can easily access any restricted website.

 If Internet Service Provider (ISP) prevents you from searching anything on the internet, then you can easily search it on the internet through it.

Disadvantages of VPN :

 You also have to pay money to use it because in the Free Version you will be able to use it only for a certain period.

 If you want to get good network speed then you should use Paid Version VPN.

 Using VPN is probably not for everyone because it has many types of settings due to which many people avoid using it.

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