What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

 Digital Marketing means promoting any product or service online.  So that the product can reach all types of people, if we say in simple words then promoting any product and services online through the internet is called Digital Marketing.

 Digital marketing can be done online through mobile, laptop, computer, Google Search, Blog, Youtube Channel, Social Media, Email etc.  It is also known as Online Marketing.

 Big companies spend lakhs and crores of rupees to promote their products and services through online medium.  There is only one reason for this that people spend hours using social media and YouTube on the internet.  Therefore, companies are able to promote their product in a good way by targeting this audience.

When was Digital Marketing started?

 Digital marketing was started in the 1980s but it was not completely successful. By the 1990s, digital marketing started being completely used and used in the world.  India marketing started in the year 1995 when VSNL launched Internet service.

How many types of Digital Marketing are there?

 Digital marketing is of the following types.  Which is explained in detail below.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

 Friends, if you do blogging then you must know what SEO is, without it none of your posts will be able to rank in Google online nor will it appear in the results, so if you are writing an article then after writing it.  It is necessary for you to do SEO for it, only then your article will be indexed in Google’s search engine and will appear in the search results.

 social media :

 As you know that today is the era of social media and everyone uses social media like Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp etc., through this you can easily reach your products to crores of people, so if your  If you are any company or provide any kind of service, you can use these social media to grow your business.

Email Marketing :

 Today, if any company wants to promote its product online, then it also markets its product through email marketing so that people can get information about the company’s product.  Apart from this, if you do blogging then many bloggers reach their blog to more and more people through email marketing so that more traffic can come to their website.

Youtube Channel :

 In today’s date, we all watch videos on YouTube, here many people also give you information about the product and service of any company, due to which a kind of marketing of that company is being done, so if you want, then you can also watch it through YouTube Channel.  You can promote your product or service through YouTube because millions of views and visitors come every day on YouTube, so you can do digital marketing of your product through it.

Affiliate Marketing :

 You must have heard the name of Affiliate Marketing where people are earning lakhs of rupees today. In fact, through Affiliate Marketing, the company is promoting and spreading its product online in a way because when a person joins the company for the  Clicks on the link of the products.

 And if the product is purchased, then the company also gets a good profit and the Affiliate Marketer gets some commission from it. Today, e-commerce companies are marketing their products in this way.

 Pay Per Click ads or PPC marketing :

 PPC marketing is a type of digital marketing in which advertisers have to pay money every time one of their ads is clicked.  You pay for advertising only when there is an actual click on the ad.  This is a great way to increase traffic to the website.

 Apps Marketing :

 In today’s date, every company creates apps related to its product so that their product or service can reach more and more people. In this way, even today, big companies are promoting their products online and their  For this she is using Apps Marketing. If you also have a company then you too can market your product in a good way using Apps Marketing.

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