What is Jio AirFiber? benefits and features of Jio airfiber :

What is Jio AirFiber?

 Jio Airfiber is a new device developed by Reliance Jio.  Actually, it provides wireless high speed internet to its users, its speed will be exactly the same as you get in broadband internet connection.

 With its help, you can enjoy good internet connection speed anywhere in your home or office.  Perhaps you know that when Jio company launched 4G service in India, at that time many people’s mobiles were operated only through 3G internet. And it was not possible to use 4G network in it, in such a situation the company  Jio Fiber was launched through which those who found it difficult to operate 4G on their mobiles could also enjoy 4G on their mobiles and computers through this device.

 And in today’s time, you must be aware that 5G network services have been launched in India, so if you have a 4G mobile phone and you want to use 5G in it, then for this also you will have to buy Jio Airfiber.  You will be able to use 5G in your mobile. Now you must have understood well what Jio Fiber is.

What are the benefits of Jio Airfiber?

 AirFiber works on radio based solutions and is wireless.  It will provide high-speed internet like fixed broadband.  But, no wire will be used in this.  Besides, AirFiber will also have so much bandwidth that many devices at home or office can be connected to it.

 Jio Airfiber works on Radio Best Solutions technology and is completely wireless and will provide high speed internet just like a fixed broadband works.  Through this Jio Air Fiber, you will be able to connect many devices in your home, office or anywhere.

 Even today in the year 2022, there are many small cities and villages in India where good internet facility is not available. In such a situation, if you want to use internet there, then you will need a Jio Fiber device, through this you can easily use the internet.  .

 Apart from this, in today’s time, 5G service has been launched by the telecommunication companies of India, so if you live in a place where internet facility is not available and you want to avail the benefit of 5G service, then you will have to register for it.  You will have to purchase Jio AirFiber and through that you can avail 5G service by doing monthly recharge.

How to recharge Jio Airfiber?

 Friends, the way you recharge your mobile, you will be able to recharge Jio Fiber in the same way, you can use My Jio App to recharge Jio Fiber.

Jio AirFiber Features :

 After installing Jio Fiber, you get many of its features but the most important and important feature is its High-Speed Internet, after this it has some other features which I am going to tell you below.

 After getting its connection, you will be able to make free HD voice calls, you do not need to pay any money and the biggest thing is that you can make unlimited calls, there is no limit on that.

 You can do Jio Join TV video calling with the help of Smart TV and you will not have to pay any extra money for this.

 JioTv Plus feature is also given where you will be given subscription of many OTT platforms absolutely free.

 You can easily connect all your devices to the home network, apart from this you can also transfer your data to a reset device here.

 Here you will also be given a chance to play different types of games which you can play absolutely free.

 Apart from this, your entire house, office, wherever you install it, will be converted into a WiFi network. You can use good speed internet in any corner of the house.

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