What is machine learning? and types of machine learning :

What is machine learning?

 Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence which provides such capability to the system with the help of which the Machine itself learns everything without anyone’s help. Just as a human being learns a lot from his life experience, in the same way the machine also learns everything through its  Learns a lot through experience.

 Apart from this, the machine improves its performance. In today’s time, machine learning i.e. Artificial Intelligence has developed so much that through it you can complete any work in the world within a few minutes without the help of any human. Its main goal is  Computer system has to be made advanced.

 The machine learning system or program which is trained without human help is called Machine Learning Model. Machine Learning Model is a computer program, it takes input and then predicts the output after learning from experience..

Types of Machine Learning :

 There are following types of Machine Learning, details of which we will give you point wise below, let us know.

 Supervised Learning :

 Supervised learning is a type of machine learning in which labeled data is used to train the machine. In this, the machine uses labeled data to create a model to understand the data sets.

 Labeled data is a type of input data which is already present in the machine. Its main function is to predict the output data by analyzing the output data. If we say it in simple language, then it is the process of supervised learning in which the input data present in the system is  Through this the correct output data has to be provided to the user.

 Supervised learning is a learning process based on observation, just as a small child identifies good and bad by being under the supervision of his parents.  There are two types of supervised learning, the details of which we are giving below.

 Regression – Regression is a type of supervised learning. It is a technique that is used to find out the relationship between independent variables.  Apart from this, Regression is used as a method of predictive modeling in machine learning.

 There are many types of Regression.  Like Linear Regression, Non-Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Bayesian Linear Regression and Regression Trees.

 Classification – Classification is a kind of algorithm in which data is organized into categories. In this, mathematical techniques like Decision trees, linear programming, and Neural Networks etc. are used to classify the data.

Unsupervised Learning :

 Unsupervised learning is the exact opposite of supervised learning. In this, the machine is trained using unlabeled data. In this process, the machine learns everything without supervision.

 It is used to get more useful insights from the data. This type of learning model is capable of thinking like a human like behaving like a human, thinking, working, thinking etc. There are two types of Unsupervised Learning.  Which are as follows.

 Clustering – In this type of method, objects are separated from each other and arranged in a group. Objects of one group are placed in one group and objects of another group are placed in another group. The best example of this is when you  If you go to a hotel to eat, you must have seen that there are different types of food items there. Apart from this, if you go to a car showroom, then there are cars of different types of companies kept at different places.  .

 Association – Association is a technique that tells how objects are associated with each other.  Association is a popular method of finding relationships between variables in large databases.

Semi-supervised learning :

 Semi-Supervised learning is a part of machine learning which is made up of both supervised learning and unsupervised learning.  In this, less amount of labeled data and more amount of unlabeled data is used to teach the machine.

 Reinforcement Learning :

 Reinforcement learning is a learning technique in which the agent is rewarded for doing the right thing and has to pay a penalty for doing the wrong thing.  This is a feedback based learning method, in which the agent teaches itself based on the feedback received.

 And if he has made any mistake, he corrects that mistake. The biggest example of this is that the robot teaches itself to operate its hands, for that it does not need human help.

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