What is Telnet? and how does it works :

What is Telnet?

 Telnet is a network communication protocol that is used to communicate and manage various devices on the network such as servers, computers, routers, switches and firewalls, etc.

 In this, Command Line Interface (CLI) is used to communicate and manage the device, that is, it is completely command based communication.

 Telnet works similar to the Remote Desktop feature available on your PC, in which you can graphically (GUI) remote a PC or server connected to the network, and do your work.

 Whereas in Telnet, this client-server connection is established through commands, where the remote controlled device acts like a server, and it waits for the command received from the controller i.e. client, so that it can show the result accordingly.  Can work.

 Along with this, Telnet is also used to check the connectivity of network hardware, login into them and execute various commands.

 If we compare it with FTP, then where FTP is a file sharing protocol through which only files can be shared from one point to another, Telnet is a connection and communication protocol through which a client computer can connect to the server remotely.  And can execute the command.

 In today’s cyber era, due to Telnet communication not being encrypted i.e. due to security shortcomings in it, it has been replaced by (SSH) Secure Socket Layer, hence it is rarely used today.

 Telnet was first used in 1969 and was developed by researchers when computer users needed a way to remotely connect to other computers.  You can also call this the beginning of the Internet.

How does Telnet work?

 Telnet provides text oriented two way communication to the user.  It is a form of client server protocol that is used to open a command line on a remote computer. It acts like a physical terminal on the remote server.

 The user can access the remote server using telnet with username and password and then by giving commands through the client system, he can access the server’s files, create, delete data, etc.

 Telnet Advantage :

 Telnet is available for many operating systems.

 It is very fast because of its command user interface (CUI).

 Remote access is easy.

 Telnet can be run on any computer.

 It is easy to solve any network related problem.

Telnet Disadvantage :

 It is in plaintext so that it can be hacked.

Does not support modern protocols.

 It can only be accessed by commands. You cannot use telnet in the graphical user interface (GUI).

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