What is proxy server? and How does a proxy server work?

What is proxy server?

 What is proxy server? So let me tell you that proxy server is a server which acts like a bridge between the user and the internet, which connects the user to the world of the internet. Proxy server is a computer which acts as a client.  It works like a gateway i.e. the main gate between the Internet and the Internet. The word Proxy means to represent someone else or to work on behalf of someone else. The Proxy Server sends requests to the Internet on behalf of the client and then the information reaches the Internet client.  sends.

 For every computer on the Internet, there is a special Internet address i.e. IP Address. You can understand the IP Address in the same way as you have an address of your house, where a letter or package in your name is sent to your address.  In the same way, IP address is used to send data from the Internet to your device. Due to IP address, the location of your device can be known from the Internet. Many people use Proxy Server to change the IP address of their computer.  To hide it.

 When you use a browser to access a website on the Internet, you connect directly to the website you want to visit, but the Proxy Server communicates with the website on your behalf using another IP address.  And the information is sent to you due to which the IP address of your device is hidden. This means that we can view the website on our computer system or other devices, but the system connecting to the server of the website is someone else which is called Proxy Server.  With the help of this server, we can access any website through proxy server instead of accessing it directly from the computer.

How many types of proxy servers are there?

 Above we learned what a proxy server is and now let us know how many types of proxy servers are there, so let me tell you that there are many types of proxy servers and the work of all is different, so let us first know what a proxy is.  How many types of servers are there?

 forward proxy

 reverse proxy

 ssl proxy

 Anonymous Proxy

 data center proxy

 shared proxy

 high anonymity proxy

 rotating proxy

How does a proxy server work?

 Proxy server works as a medium between the user and the website server. When the user needs any information, he searches a web page or website in the web browser. The user’s request then passes through the proxy server and reaches the website server.  And then the website server sends the content or file to the proxy server on the basis of the request received from the proxy server. Then the information is sent from the proxy server to the user’s device.

 Whenever a user wants to access a website through a proxy server, the request directly goes to the proxy server and then the request goes from the proxy server to the main web server. In this way, the web server becomes a direct client.  Instead of sending it to the Internet, it first sends the data to the proxy server. In simple words, the user is getting the data indirectly from the Internet.

Advantages of proxy server –

 Now let us tell you what are the benefits of proxy server.

 Proxy servers are mostly used for caching.

 Proxy Server IP Address is hidden data

 Blocked websites can be opened through proxy servers, any website can also be blocked on the request of the user.

 For any organization, proxy server protects its servers from being hacked.

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