What is CPU? and  How does it work?

What is CPU?

 CPU is like a brain for the computer, which contains all the circuits using which the computer processes any input and gives its output to the user.

 The CPU continuously follows only those instructions that the user gives it.  Following the instructions given by the user, the CPU reads, writes or processes any data.  The CPU does not do all these tasks on its own, rather special programs and software are written for it, which it follows.

 The full meaning of CPU in English is Central Processing Unit, the meaning of the word processing seen in this name makes it clear that the job of CPU is to process data.  Any command you give to the computer, CPU fulfills it through its three important units and that is Control Unit, Arithmetic Logical Unit and Register (Storage Unit).

 How does CPU work?

 No matter how much progress the world makes in terms of technology, it cannot go beyond humans’ ability to think and understand.  This is also true in the case of computer, to get help from computer in any work, first of all data is entered into the computer through input device.

 Then the CPU located in the computer processes that data by following the instructions given by you and then only on your request, the processed data comes out from the computer through the output device through monitor, printer or speaker.

How many types of CPU are there?

 The most important part of any computer is its CPU, which is responsible for performing calculations and all other processes in the computer.  In general terms, how good is a CPU?  It depends on how quickly it is able to do any work and it is also seen whether this CPU is capable of doing multi-processing or not.

 Therefore, from the point of view of multiprocessing, CPU is currently divided into 6 types, and this division is done considering multi-core processors.  Due to the rapid changes in technology over time, it would not be wrong at all to say that the number of CPU cores will keep increasing in the future.  At present, common people are using deca-core CPUs in their computers and now octa-core processors have started coming in smartphones.

  1. single-core CPU
  2. Dual-Core CPU
  3. quad-core CPU
  4. Hexa-Core CPU
  5. Octa-Core CPU
  6. Deca-Core CPU

 The more processor cores your CPU currently has, the faster your computer will be and the more capable it will be of doing any multitasking.

What is a multicore processor?

 A processor in which multiple processing units are present in a single chip, and each processing unit is capable of performing different tasks, is called a multi-core processor.  As the computer generations came, changes started taking place in the processors too.

 As a quote, you can understand it like a person has one hand and another person has two hands, then you can understand here that a person with two hands can do two things at the same time.  It is capable and a person with one hand can do only one work at a time.

Advantages of multicore processor :

  • Multi-core processes do more work than single-core processors.
  • It is capable of doing many tasks simultaneously.
  • It also completes many tasks using less electricity.
  • You can do complex tasks like computer scanning and watching movies simultaneously.
  • Multi-core processors do not require many circuits, hence their size is small.
  • Due to the presence of more than one core units in the same chip, no data has to travel far for a long time, hence it is faster.

use of multicore processors :

 Multicore processors are used for the following tasks:

  • computer gaming
  • video editing
  • software development
  • image editing
  • encoding
  • database
  • as a server
  • multimedia applications
  • graphics design
  • gaming development

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