What is HYPER THREADING and how to check whether your CPU is available or not?

 So today we will talk about another important concept of Processor, Hyper Threading.  And at the same time we will also know how these features boost the overall performance of your system.  So let’s start –

 So let us first understand what a thread is.

What are Threads?

 Thread is basically another part of CPU.  Which remains inside the processor but it is a logical part.  Whose job is to help the core in processing when it processes a lot of data.  And for this reason it is also called the helping hand of the core.

 And it is obvious that if a Core has a helping hand in winning, the performance of that Core will also be higher.  So you have to see this thing while buying a processor.  Only one thread (a helping hand) was allocated for most cores.  What was the problem in that, so let us see through a real time example, suppose if there was only one way or path to go from Kolkata to Mumbai, in this situation there would be more traffic on that path or way and people would not be able to reach the destination.  It would have taken too long to reach.  Similarly, the lesser the number of threads in the processor, the greater will be the delay in the data reaching the processor.

 Look at the image given below.  This image reflects Thread and Hyper Threading Technology.  (HT means Hyper Threading)

What is hyperthreading in computer –

 To overcome this drawback, hyper threading was implemented.  In which the number of threads has been increased.  Now 2 threads are allocated for one core.  In this the core does not have to wait for data.  In this the core is able to show its performance.  As you see in the above image.  Nowadays all processors come with Hyper Threading feature.  Intel calls this technique hyper threading and AMD has named it simultaneous multithreading.

How to check whether your processor has these features or not?  Hyper threading example :

 To check whether your processor has these features or not, search the model number of the processor by typing it as it is in the browser and click on the first link.  And check whether hyper threading option is Yes or not.  If yes then hyper threading is available.  This means all the cores in your processor are allocated 2 threads.


 I hope, you know what is Hyper Threading and how to check whether your CPU is available or not?  After reading this note completely, all your confusion has been cleared and you have learned a lot from this note.  But if you feel any information is missing in this post or you have any question related to it.  So please let us know by commenting below.  Your suggestions mean a lot to us.  And one more thing, if you want information on any topic, which I have not covered till now, then you can tell that topic by commenting below.  I will try my best to clear your topic.

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