know all information about Google assistant :

What is Google Assistant?

 Google Assistant is a voice-controlled smart assistant owned by Google.

 If seen, this is basically an extension of Google Now – which has been designed for personal use.  This is an expansion of Google’s existing “OK Google” voice controls.

 If we talk about its first version which was Google Now, it used to collect all the relevant information of the users for them.

 Like what they like, where they live, where they work, what are their travel plans etc.  Whatever you searched in Google search engine at some point or the other, they used to save it in their database.

 But Google has discontinued its Google Now brand.  But its assistant has not been abolished yet, rather it has been made even better, like many personalized elements have been fused into it.  Additionally, a wide-range voice control is used to operate it.

 Google Assistant supports both text and voice to operate.  Along with this, it provides flexibility to the users by communicating with them easily and fulfilling all their needs as per their convenience.  In fact, it’s more than just a personal assistant.

History of Google Assistant :

 The oldest and first part of Google Assistant was Google Voice Search.  Voice Search made its debut in Android Smartphones and Chrome for Desktop PCs around June 2011.  But at that time its functionality was not as advanced as it is today.  But at that time she was definitely able to execute some voice commands smoothly.

 What can you do with Google Assistant?

 “OK Google” or “Hey, Google” is used to initiate the operation of the Google Assistant, as are voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, allowing a user to perform a variety of tasks.

 Such as sending messages, checking appointments, searching to play a song online, etc.  Just like Apple’s Siri (Personal Assistant) works on an iPhone or iPad, Google Assistant can provide you with a bot-centric AI experience, specifically designed to provide conversational interactions.  can do.

How to know whether your phone has Google Assistant or not?

 To find out whether your phone has Google Assistant or not, you will have to say “Ok Google” in front of your phone or you can also manually press-and-hold the Home Button.  This is the starting point of the Assistant, after this you can type or say anything in it and by doing so the Assistant will definitely respond.

It is often found that, during the set-up of your Android device, you will be prompted to configure the Google Assistant.

Future of Google Assistants :

 Well, many such features have been brought in Google Assistants which provide many benefits to the users.  Also, Google is going to bring many advanced features in it in future also.  So what lies ahead for the Google Assistant?

 Google’s latest major addition to its Assistant is Duplex — a feature that allows the Assistant to make calls to businesses and also book appointments on your behalf.

 It also responds to many normal conversational questions and makes alterations to them in real time, and also uses filler words such as “um-hm”.  It is going to be so real that people may find it difficult to differentiate between Google Assistants and real people.

 This Duplex feature is just the beginning of the new era of Google Assistant, with this we have to see what other new features Google is going to bring in it which will further improve its AI.  We have to admit that Google always provides more than expected.

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