What is Google People Card?

What is Google People Card?

 Name – People Card

 Who launched it – Google Company

 When launched – August 2020

 Who can create – Google Account User

 Google has launched this new feature so that people can create their own visiting card online by going to Google search.  People Card is an online visiting card, which people can create to share their personal information.  People can highlight their website or social media profile in Google search.

Purpose of Google People Card –

 Google is the world’s largest search engine, it has launched the new feature of People Card so that millions of Google users can get a new experience.  Its objective is that freelancers, startups, new businessmen etc. can get such a platform where they can share their important information with millions of people at one place.

Benefits of Google People Card –

 Do you also want that your name appears in Google search? The names of big personalities are easily visible in Google search, but this remains only a dream of the common man.  Now Google is going to fulfill this dream of yours.  Now with the advent of People Card, anyone can get your information by searching your name in Google, and you can also get information about any person who has a People Card by searching in Google.

 People Card is also being made completely secure, only the information that the person wants to share will be shared with the people.  No information can be shared with anyone without your permission.

 Through People Card, people can share any information like their own website, social media link, their mobile number or address.

 In India, many people have the same name and the same name, in such a situation Google People Virtual Card is very useful and necessary.  With this, one can easily understand different information about people online.

 The population of India is very high, many people with the same name and surname are present here.  Keeping all these things in mind, Google has created People Card and added many features to it.

 Any person living in India can make only one People Card, there is no option of multiple cards here.  This feature has been kept in view of security and transparency.

 After applying for the card, Google will thoroughly verify the information of that person.  That card will come on the online platform only if all the information is correct in the investigation.

 In future, if someone wants to delete his People Visiting Card completely, then Google has also given him this option.  A person can delete the people card whenever he wants.

Google has clarified that currently People Card has been launched in India only in English language.  In the coming time, Google can launch it in different languages also.

Who can make a People Card?

 This service has been started mainly by Google search engine, hence Google has made it clear that to take advantage of it, it is mandatory for people to have a Google account.  Only those who have Gmail ID will be able to create and use this People Visiting Card online.

 In this it will be mandatory for people to enter their mobile number, hence this service is only for mobile users.  People will be able to manage their profile by logging into their Google account on their device only by entering their mobile number.

 At present, People Card can be made only for people living in India.

 People Card can be made only by Android, iPhone or iPad mobile users.

 It is mandatory to select English language in your mobile.

 It is mandatory to have web and mobile app activity on your account.

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