What is AutoCad? and what is AutoCad course?

What is AutoCad?

 AutoCad, whose full form is “Automatic Computer Aided Design” is a 2D and 3D Computer Added Design and Drafting software which is used in architectural construction (art of making buildings, houses etc.  i.e. Architecture) and in manufacturing, it is used in preparing 2D or 3D blueprints and engineering plans.  Simply put, AutoCAD is in the form of a design course.  In this, students are taught to create the design of any vehicle, big building, house, or electrical plant etc.  When this course is completed by the student, then the student can prepare a better design without doing any engineering course.  In present time, this software is used by many big companies, great business people like project managers, engineers and graphic designers.  People who use Autocad are called “Drafters”, meaning those who create and modify designs with the help of Autocad.

What is AutoCad course?

 You can do AutoCAD course from great institute.  In Auto CAD course, students are specially taught designing.  When a student completes the course and obtains a higher education degree related to engineering or interior designing, then he can get a good job in the future.  Many big companies require a good drafter.  You can achieve great success even in one company.

What are the uses of Autocad?

 Today, Autocad has proved to be helpful in almost every field. Earlier, it was started only for mechanical engineers, but after some time, it started being used in every field.  Today you will find most of such professional users who use it for various tasks like architects, project managers, animators, and engineers etc.  Come friends, now let us know about some of its uses and in which fields it is used.


 AutoCAD is used extensively in this field.  Autodesk Building Design Suite is a software that provides the facility to create buildings in 3D design.  Apart from this, it also provides the facility to combine Building Information Modeling and many other tools together.  With the help of which engineers design core construction and their work becomes much easier.


 It is also used extensively in animation, in which high quality classic animation can be provided to fields like entertainment using 3D animation.  In modern times, tool sets are used to create flexible graphic pipelines.

How to learn AutoCAD?

 Friends, you will get many such options to learn about AutoCAD which can help you a lot.  Through which you can learn information from basic to advanced very easily.  Today, the era of internet is going on in which even the impossible can be made possible.  Below are some options through which you can get the necessary information about AutoCAD and get the necessary skills and knowledge.

 1. Internet can help you a lot.  In learning AutoCAD, you can learn through websites on Google or YouTube is also a good medium in which you will get many video tutorials, somewhere you will find such channels which will teach you very well about AutoCAD.

 2. Online or offline course would also be a good option.  You can choose between these two as per your wish, online courses will be easily available to you, whereas if you want to do offline AutoCAD course then you can do that also.  Autocad Course Basic Autocad, Diploma in Autocad, Advance Course in CADD, Advanced Autocad Course, Master Diploma in Architectural CADD etc.  You can choose them as per your wish, their duration is of two or three months.

What are the benefits of completing Autocad course?

 Friends, when you complete the AutoCAD course, it can be a very profitable deal for you.  Some following information is given about this-

 1. You can apply for jobs in big companies.

 2. You can get jobs in many fields.

 3. If you are a good drafter then you can open your own private business.

 4. You can also use AutoCAD in the field of entertainment.

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