What is Webcam? and what are the uses of Webcam :

What is Webcam?

 Webcam is also called Web Camera. Here it is mainly an input device, it is used for important work like video call, capturing video, taking selfie, capturing pictures etc.  It is already there in laptops but in computers one has to use USB cable or Firewire port to connect it.  It is not very expensive here, the special thing here is that webcam can also be used as CCTV camera.  Whichever webcam the user uses, he has to install the software of the same company.  This means that webcams come with software and then the software needs to be installed on the computer.  Along with many features, webcams also provide flexible facilities to the users with the help of which you can place it anywhere.  In reality, a webcam is a completely digital camera.

Who is the inventor of Webcam?

 Webcam was first developed in 1991 by two great scientists named ‘Dr.  Quentin Stafford Feasar and Paul Jardetzky.  Webcam was first named “XCoffee” which is also known as “Trojan Room Coffee Pot”.  Then a few years later, in 1993, Daniel Gordon and Martyn Johnson together connected it to the Internet for the first time.

How many types of webcam are there?

 Webcams come in many types and are used for many purposes.  Be it for home or for functions like office meetings, there are different types for everyone. 

 1. Standalone Webcam-

 2. Integrated Webcam-

 3. Network Camera-

What are the uses of Webcam?

 Webcam is used for many types of tasks but information about some special tasks is given below in which we can use Webcam normally-

 • Webcam is generally very essential for tasks like video conference or live streaming or office meeting etc.

 • Video calling can be done simply with the help of webcam.

 • Webcam is also very beneficial in the field of education.  It can be used for tasks like online classes, training etc.

 • Webcam has proved to be very helpful in the field of banking also because through it, present activities can be captured, which means that one is able to record the current activities here.

 • You can also use Webcam for the security of your home.

 • In today’s time, they are used to keep an eye on places like shopping malls, companies, stores, schools, colleges, roads etc. so that all the activities taking place can be easily monitored.

What are the benefits of Webcam?

 Webcams have proven to be very beneficial in every field.  Following information is given about some benefits, let us know in detail-

 • Webcams come in light weight and do not weigh much.

 • Webcam also provides you facilities like mic.

 • It is very easy to connect them with any system.

 • You can simply use them for security reasons in personal or public areas even while staying away.

What are the disadvantages of webcam?    

 Information about some disadvantages of Webcam is given below, let us know-

 • Some people use Webcam for illegal activities which is very wrong.

 • These do not already come with the computer, rather they have to be purchased separately and then connected to the computer.

 • Their use increases electricity consumption.

 • Hacking webcam has become a common thing in today’s modern era.

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