What is Coaxial Cable?

What is Coaxial Cable?

 Coaxial Cable also known as “coax”.  Here it is in the form of an electrical cable and is capable of connecting two or more devices.  Here it is made of copper and friends, data is transmitted here with the use of copper.  An insulator layer is found around it.  Which provides insulation to copper.  Here coaxial cable can transmit high frequency signals over long distances.  It was designed in 1980 by an engineer named Oliver Heaviside.  This coaxial cable is often found in our homes like TV antenna cables, cable TV, Internet connections.  In comparison to fiber optical cable, the data transfer speed is less but it is much higher than twisted pair cable.  It is completely flexible here and is easy to bend.  Not only this, it is also specially used by Internet service providers to provide Internet service to the customers.

What are the types of coaxial cable?

 There are mainly two types of coaxial cable. Let us know-

 1. Thicknet Coaxial Cable-

 This type of coaxial cable is mostly used in two or more LANs, meaning a larger network is created by connecting the LANs.  The copper wire of its core is thick.  Its frequency is high and it is capable of easily transmitting a single signal up to 500 meters.

 2. Thinnet Coaxial Cable-

 In this type of coaxial cable, the thickness of its inner conductor is very less.  Due to this reason, its frequency speed is also low. Coming closer, it can simply transmit single up to 200 meters.  It is used to connect two or less than two LANs.

What are the uses of coaxial cable?

 Some uses of coaxial cable are given below-

 1. Coaxial cable is used in television.

 2. Even on the internet

 3. In CCTV cameras

 4. In video transmission

 5. To transmit the signal from one place to another in HD TV.

 6. Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide Internet connection to the customer.

 7. Coaxial cable is used in the broadcast industry to broadcast audio and video signals.

 8. In satellite communication

 9. Coaxial cable is used in medical devices to run devices like MRI, CT scanner etc.

What are the benefits of coaxial cable?

 Some advantages of Coaxial Cable –

 1. Coaxial Cable can transfer data and signals at fast speed.

 2. Installing coaxial cable is very easy and not very difficult.

 3. It is also capable of supporting only high bandwidth.

 4. It is possible to transmit analog and digital signals through these cables.

 5. They are very helpful in transmitting data over long distances.

 6. Coaxial Cable is mainly a multipurpose cable.

What are the disadvantages of coaxial cable?

 Some disadvantages of coaxial cable –

 1. Coaxial cables are very expensive.

 2. Coaxial cables are not light weight.

 3. They are weak in terms of security, which means there is always a risk of data theft.  There is always a risk of data theft by hackers.

 4. If they are used at great distances then they are not able to transfer the signal properly.

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