What is Floppy Disk?

What is Floppy Disk?

 Floppy Disk is called a data storage device.  Using this, data is stored in the computer.  It was developed along with the Internet in 1969.  Here mainly there is a part of secondary or external memory.  These are made from Mylar plastic seat.  A magnetic material is wrapped over it.  FDD (floppy disk drive) is used to read and write the floppy disk.  Through this, any user can simply store data and files in the computer.  It is very simple to carry it to any place because its size is very small.  Although in today’s time, their use is less but one advantage they have is that they are cheap in price and are also portable.

Types of Floppy Disk-

 There are mainly three types of floppy disks-

 1. 8 inch floppy disk-

 The size of this type of floppy disk is 8 inches.  In earlier times it was used to read data.  It can store data up to 80 KB.

 2. 5.25 inch floppy disk-

 The size of this type of floppy disk is 5.25 inches and it can store data up to 1.2 MB.

 3. 3.5 inch floppy disk-

 The size of this type of floppy disk is 3.5 inches and it can store data up to 1.44 MB.

What are the uses of floppy disk?

 Following are some of the uses of floppy disk-

 • They are used for transfer of data.

 • If data has to be copied or data has to be backed up then floppy disk is very better.

 • They can be used to store any type of small quantity data.

What are the advantages of floppy disk?

 Some advantages of floppy disk-

 1. The size of floppy disk is not very big, it is small in size and can be easily carried anywhere.

 2. Floppy disks are very cheap.

 3. It is portable due to which it is very easy to insert and remove them from the computer.

 4. Through these, any user can simply transfer data from one computer to another.

 What are the disadvantages of floppy disk?

 Some disadvantages of floppy disk-

 1. Well, in today’s time it is used very less because today people have started liking pen drives and DVDs very much.

 2. Floppy disks do not perform well in terms of speed.

 3. Even in terms of security, their performance is poor and viruses easily penetrate into them.

 4. They are made of plastic due to which there is a risk of their getting damaged.


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