Bluetooth Security : and how does it works

What is Bluetooth?

 Bluetooth is a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) that allows devices to communicate with each other without the need for wires.  In simple words, it enables you to easily transfer data without plugging two devices into each other.

 Originally developed by Ericsson in the mid-1990s, Bluetooth was initially designed for cordless phones.  However, now it is widely used to connect various devices like Computer, Tablet and Smartphone.  It is also used in cars.

How does Bluetooth work?

 Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard that was originally developed by Ericsson as a replacement for wired connections.  However, it soon became clear that wireless connections were more reliable than wired connections.  In fact, it was found that Bluetooth devices had an average failure rate of less than 1%.

 Bluetooth enables devices to connect over short distances.  It uses radio waves to transmit data between two devices.  Since these signals travel through the air, they are not affected by walls or obstacles.

 Bluetooth works on the 2.4 Gigahertz Frequency Band and can transmit data at speeds up to 1 mbps.  In its new version the data transmission speed has been increased to 3 mbps.

 These devices can send information up to a distance of 30 feet.  This means that there is no need of cable or wire to connect them.  Instead, they simply need to be close to each other so that radio waves can pass through the air.

What is Bluetooth Special Interest Group?

 The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, commonly known as the Bluetooth SIG, is an organization dedicated to developing Bluetooth standards and issuing licenses and trademarks for Bluetooth technology implementation in products.  Established in 1998, SIG operates as a Non-Profit and Non-Stock Entity.

 Difference between Bluetooth and Infrared :   

 IR technology requires line of sight between two devices, making it impractical for use with mobile phones.  Bluetooth technology, on the other hand, enables direct communication between devices without the need for line of sight.  Therefore, Bluetooth serves as a better option.  Infrared (IR) technology

Uses and Benefits of Bluetooth :

 Bluetooth technology has become an integral part of our lives, connecting everything from mobile phones to cars and even medical devices.  It allows us to connect electronic devices like Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Cameras, Headsets, Speakers and Fitness Trackers with each other wirelessly.

 Bluetooth Security :

 Bluetooth is a better option for data transfer over short distances between devices equipped with Bluetooth functionality.  However, there are still some security concerns when using Bluetooth.

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