What is MS Excel?

What is MS Excel?

 The full name of MS Excel is Microsoft Excel, MS Excel is a software application developed by Microsoft.  It works as a Spreadsheet application which allows to organize Numbers, Tables, Charts and Graphs, Data in Tables Format.

 This application is part of the Microsoft Office package and finds utility in various tasks like Accounting, Data collecting, Stock Market, Data Analysis, Marketing and others.

 In today’s technological age, MS Excel has revolutionized data organization, just as in the past data was carefully organized into registers with rows and columns.  In Excel, data in worksheets is structured similarly with rows and columns for efficient organization.

 MS Excel not only helps in organizing data but also provides facilities for doing calculations, preparing graphs and reports of data.  It provides a wide range of formulas and functions for complex mathematical and logical calculations on large datasets, providing fast and accurate results.

Use of MS Excel?

 MS Excel Calculator – performs various tasks like displaying, editing, formatting and creating data in style format. Acting as a spreadsheet program, MS Excel instinctively enables the creation of tables. Users simply enter data, which can be visually extended using charts and tables to entice viewers. In addition, Excel’s Formula and Function users can complete tasks efficiently within minutes.

What is the executable file name of MS Excel?

  • Executable file name of MS Excel is “excel.exe”.
  • What is the extension of MS Excel file?
  • The default file extension of MS Excel is “.xlsx”.
  • While Microsoft Excel provides the facility to save in various Excel Supportable File Formats, each has its own specific extension.

 Features of MS Excel –

 User Friendly Program – The biggest feature of Microsoft Excel is its User Friendly Program, which makes it widely popular among individuals.

 Instant Calculations – With the help of provided Mathematical & Logical Formulas, Excel enables to perform lightning fast calculations of any given dataset.

 Easy to Edit – Excel allows easy editing of data, allowing users to add new information or edit existing data with ease.

Graphical display of Data – Apart from textual data, it offers a graphical dimension with options like Chart, Graph, Table.

Multiple Spreadsheet in one file – Excel provides the flexibility to work with multiple spreadsheets within a single file, each containing a variety of data.

Built-In Formulas – Microsoft Excel is equipped with a series of built-in formulas, which facilitate quick solution of complex calculations within minutes.

Third Party Support – Excel provides its own support to files created in various other programs.

Works on a low configured PC – Despite its extensive capabilities, the standout feature of Excel is its ability to work flawlessly even on moderately configured computers, ensuring error free performance.

Conclusion :

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