What is JavaScript? and what are the uses of JavaScript?

What is JavaScript?  JavaScript is a powerful scripting language that can be added with HTML to make a web page more interactive.  JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich at Netscape in 1995. Its name was Livescript, which was later changed to JavaScript.  Many programmers consider Javascript and Java to be related to each other but … Read more

What is Zomato App? and How to use it :

What is Zomato App?  Zomato is an Indian Food Delivery App which was launched in July 2008 and today apart from India, Zomato provides its services in 24 countries and more than 191 million people use Zomato every month.  Zomato is a Restaurant Finder and Food Delivery App with the help of which you can … Read more

What is HYPER THREADING and how to check whether your CPU is available or not?

 So today we will talk about another important concept of Processor, Hyper Threading.  And at the same time we will also know how these features boost the overall performance of your system.  So let’s start –  So let us first understand what a thread is. What are Threads?  Thread is basically another part of CPU.  … Read more

What is proxy server? and How does a proxy server work?

What is proxy server?  What is proxy server? So let me tell you that proxy server is a server which acts like a bridge between the user and the internet, which connects the user to the world of the internet. Proxy server is a computer which acts as a client.  It works like a gateway … Read more

What is Telegram  ? and How to download Telegram App?

What is Telegram  ?  Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service, which you can use to chat online with your family, friends and relatives.  Just like you do in Facebook and Whatsapp messenger.  Therefore, you can also call it alternatives to the messengers of Facebook and WhatsApp messenger.  Telegram app is … Read more

what is chat gpt :

what is chat gpt : Chat GPT is a large language model developed by Open AI. Chat GPTs are artificial intelligence chat boxes. The full form of Chat GPT is Chat Generated Pretained Transformer. Because of Chat GPT Artificial Intelligence it will work on Artificial Intelligence. According to the information, you can easily talk through … Read more

Another cheap laptop from Jio? Know everything about it

Another cheap laptop from Jio? Know everything about it Reliance Jio plans to offer monthly subscription for Cloud PC. At present the price for this has not been decided yet. For those who do not want to purchase a new device, it will also be easier to access computing facilities. Cloud PC software can be … Read more

What is machine learning? and types of machine learning :

What is machine learning?  Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence which provides such capability to the system with the help of which the Machine itself learns everything without anyone’s help. Just as a human being learns a lot from his life experience, in the same way the machine also learns everything through its  … Read more